Foot Pain: High Heels and Injury

I was watching Jurassic World the other day with Bryce Dallas Howard running from velociraptors and all I could think was- is this where she rolls an ankle?  Tottering on her high heels she manages to dodge all manner of Tyrannosaurs, Hadrosaurs and Allosaurs.  So it got me thinking, are high heels not that bad […]

Concussion: SCAT5 Categories

I’ve received some emails ( regarding my mention of SCAT5 in Hits to the Head,  requesting information about what is involved with this testing.  Rather than repeat it individually I thought it a good opportunity to review it here so everyone can read up around this assessment tool.  Images for this post have been taken […]

Concussion: Hits to the Head

Watching the boxing at the Commonwealth Games as a volunteer medic, two thoughts were going through my head.  The first was ‘please stand up’ and the second was about how important concussion is becoming in the minds of athletes, coaches and society in general.  In the US 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury […]

Knee Pain: Knee Cap Niggles

So the Commonwealth Games have finished with the marathon!! It was exciting to watch the competitors run straight past our clinic on Sunday- congrats to Michael Shelley, Helalia Johannes, Kurt Fearnley and Madison de Rozario.  Seeing these athletes completing this superhuman task is incredible, and the inspiration to amp up the exercise is great.  However, […]

Tennis Elbow: Turn the Tables

Table tennis. Never say ping pong to these athletes- learnt that the hard way! Didn’t know much about this competition but watching it you need super fast reflexes for the 3 second rallies and a breeze free arena otherwise the 4g ball wobbles in the air. This means that the movie world studio had special […]

Thigh Pain: Hamstrung by leg pain

Terrific to see Suns get up over the weekend.  Always nice to start the year with a win even a wet one.  12 goals at one end always indicate certain meteorological conditions.  Also great to see the Titans visiting Toowoomba, my old stomping ground, for the game against St George.  Unfortunately the result was a […]